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About company ALUCAD Bohemia s.r.o.

The company ALUCAD Bohemia s.r.o. supplies first of all the custom-made drawing aluminum profiles for various applications, from large deliveries to smaller contracts. The shape, length and surface finish treatment of the aluminum profile is abided by the requirements of a customer. An individual approach, professional handling of an order with high quality, accurate compliance of designated technical specifications, recommendations for selecting an appropriate alloys and cystom-made finish treatment are the commonplace.

The company ALUCAD Bohemia s.r.o. was established in 2009 by two experts with longtime experience in distribution and processing of aluminum profiles. The company continues the tradition of the leading online retailer of aluminum profiles – Corporate ALUNET.

The profiles are produced by pressing at high temperature. This technology allows to create profiles of different shapes. Customers can also choose from various types of surface finish treatment, from powder coating in a wide range of colors, through anodizing (anodic oxidation), to grinding, polishing or burnishing.

The company is built on professionalism, reliability and individual approach to each customer. Alucad Bohemia implements deliveries of profiles in large batches as well as unique one-piece orders. The high quality of profiles and accurate compliance with designated technical specifications are the commonplace.

In addition to custom-made aluminum profiles ALUCAD Bohemia also supplies the standard profiles, which include flat aluminum bars, tubes, hollows, L profiles and metal sheets.



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