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Declaration of accessibility

Pavel Berka, the developer of these WWW sites, declares, that these sites fulfil all important accessibility rules according to the methodlist of Blind Friendly Web  (project of United organization of purblinds and blinds) as well as WCAG 1.0  


All texts are defined in relative units and can be simply magnified and decreased by standard tools of the internet browsers. Organization and handling of websites is designed the way in order that the sites would be accessible for alternative browsers as well as for persons with specific needs.

Informations provided by pictures are also available as a text.

All web link labels open into the same window.

Web standards

The layout and content structure are created by structural XHTML 1.0 Strict. Visual presentation is created by cascade styles (CSS 2); informative value of the web remains the same also without their usage. The cascade styles can be switched off by standard functions of internet browsers (if they support these functions).

Technical administrator of WWW presentation

If you will find anything on these websites that according to you does not correspond to accessibility requirements, please inform us and we will make effort for elimination of these imperfections.

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